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Space Invaders

The classic arcade game Space Invaders was released by Taito in 1978, and quickly became a giant hit in both the arcade and on the Atari 2600 game console. Invaders is my take on this classic arcade game. This is one of the first games I wrote with my 2D webgl Typescript engine. Right now I'm feeling out what I need to add to the engine. At the moment I'm using it for simple old school 2D arcade games. Eventually I would like it to be able to easily create new 16 bit style games for the web.

Game Play

The controls are pretty simple and follow the classic game's control scheme.

  • Left Arrow Key - Move Left
  • Right Arrow Key - Move Right
  • Space Bar - Shoot

Move your ship left and right shooting at the aliens and avoiding their shots at you. If the aliens land your ship will be destroyed.

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