Mahjong Words


Upon opening up word Mahjong you shall be presented with a disincentive arrangement of tiles, that have various letters situated on them- one letter per individual tile. It is your task now to eradicate all the tiles in this arrangement via the forming of words. Once you are ready to begin the game promptly examine all the free tiles, and when i allude to the term free in relation to the tiles I mean any tiles that are not blocked in by adjoining ones. When you can form a word out of the tiles, click on all the necessary tiles, and furthermore press the submit button. By doing this it will send this formed word to the location of the American Dictionary where it will be checked to see if it is a valid word. If it is deemed legitimate than the tiles selected will be removed from the formation. When you are able to form a seven or eight letter word than you will acquire a Bingo, or Double bingo respectively. This manner of game play will continue until either all tiles have been used to form words which will equate to you winning the game of word Mahjong, or if there are no more valid moves available, which indicates that the game is over and you are free to begin a new entertaining game.

Bingo: if you can construct a word with seven letters from the tiles.

Double Bingo: if you are able to manifest an eight letter word out of the available tiles All other words are not deemed bingo or double bingos but can be removed if they are legitimate words.

Mahjong Words

Mahjong Words weaves together the ancient traditions of Mahjong with the new element of word building. It is a game that will certainly increase your vocab whilst ensuring an amusing elapse of time spent by the participant. Two specific sets that can be created via the tiles in the game of Word Mahjong are as follows:

I wrote Mahjong words as a fun way to learn and use more words. I'm always looking to improve it, so if you have any ideas, please send me a message through my Suggest Improvement page. To play, click letters that are not dimmed until you have spelled a word, then click the 'Submit' button. If you want a full tutorial, I have a Video Tutorial that explains how to play beyond the basics.

I get a lot of requests to add more letters, and I may create a version that lets you do that in the future. Right now I have a dictionary that I am trying to keep small so I only go up to 8 letters. Also, I don't allow you to use proper nouns like Friday or England. A good rule of thumb to tell if you're using a proper noun is if it's usually capitalized.

You can also use the Suggest Improvement page to send me a friendly note if you're interested in saying hi :-)

Have fun,

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