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Euchre Gameplay

Euchre is a four player trick taking card game played in teams of two. Your partner sit's across from you. The game is played with a deck that only contains the cards with a value of 9 or greater. five cards are dealt to each player, and the game starts with the player sitting to the left of the dealer. The players one at a time are given the opportunity to order the dealer to pick up the card dealt to the center of the table. If a player order's up the card, the suit of that card becomes trump suit for the hand. If no player wants to order up the card, some or all of the players will be given the opportunity to choose a trump suit.

The team that chooses trump must win 3 tricks to get a point. If the team that doesn't order the dealer to pick up the card wins 3 or more tricks they get 2 points. If the team that chose trump wins all 5 tricks, they get 2 points. If the team that didn't chose trump wins all 5 tricks, they get 5 points.

The first team to win 5 points wins the game.

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